Our Story

The Travel clan

The Travel Clan is a bespoke destination management company, dedicated to curating guided trips throughout Africa.

The Travel Clan was founded in 2018 with the aim of showcasing the beauty of Africa and African cultures to the world, by curating personalized thrilling, and activity-packed adventures across Africa at budget-friendly prices.

It is also our goal to build a clan of fun-loving, friendly, and adventurous people who welcome the opportunity to meet new people, explore the African continent and enjoy its diverse cultures.

Our values

Culture Appreciation

Immerse yourself in the vibrant and diverse cultures of the places we visit.

Value For Money

The Travel Clan works with a number of vendors to curate exciting group trips whiles staying well within your budget.

Authentic Experiences

We know that it isn't just about the destination and we ensure that every part of the journey counts towards an amazing adventure.

Positive Vibes

We're all about the positive vibes and having a great time! Shake things up, try out new activities, and enjoy the local nightlife!


Community is extremely important to us and as such we prioritize having a safe and respectful environment on all our trips.